Moholess is a Parisian designer brand that offers a range of creative bags with a minimal spirit.


From her varied experience in the fashion sector, working for luxury houses to parisian Haute Couture studios,  the designer of the brand Sabrina Mohamadi strives for a daring and responsible project by giving a second chance to imperfect leathers. Otherwise doomed to waste, these authentic materials are turned into handy, modern, fashionable accessories. Plus, each year is punctuated by an exclusive artisanal collection or an artistic collaboration under the sign of upcycling.

Promote upcycled leathers and participate in the circular economy

Your accessory is part of a circular economy ; That is to say, it helps reduce environmental impacts and decreases the exploitation of natural resources. Moholess participes in upcycling by creating practical accessories with a modern design;  Where others brands give priority to so-called “perfect” products, our commitment is such that we take the opposite view by also promoting leathers with imperfections. A scratch, a crease, a different texture …

We believe it is a touch of originality, character and above all common sense.​

Have a quality & creative accessory​

Shapes and cuts are studied with precision and every detail has a meaning. Some models are versatile in use, others are; hence the “Moholess” to be understood as “more or less”.

All our pieces are made in a Parisian workshop. We combine technology x craftsmanship by producing our accessories on a CNC machine and then assembling them manually. Seams are made by hand with glazed linen thread, a natural and robust thread, a guarantee of durability over time.

Own a unique piece 

We produce according to the material we have, we can only produce one or two pieces, available in different sizes. No more.

Models are handcrafted with different leathers (soft, smooth or rigid), in different colors and with their own peculiarities.

We advocate exclusivity through upgrading.

Your piece is necessarily a unique model.