Offering a range of upcycled leather accessories, also enhancing imperfect leathers. A scratch, a crease, a different texture…

For us, it’s a touch of originality, character and common sense.

Why ? In an anti-waste approach, these leathers intended to be thrown away are valued to make design accessories, with a minimal style & in unique pieces.

At MOHOLESS, we are committed to offering you:​

A unique design

Shapes and cuts are studied with precision and every detail has a meaning. Some models are versatile, others are; hence the “Moholess” to be understood as a “more or less”.

To participate in a circular economy

Your bag is part of a circular economy; that is to say, it helps to reduce environmental impacts and reduces the exploitation of natural resources.


From our leather sourcing

Moholess participates in upcycling by using leather from luxury brand offcuts, sourced from French tanneries and associations.

An accessory made in France

In order to preserve French know-how, support the local economy and be socially engaged. This is why all our pieces are made by the APF association, which employs people with disabilities. We are proud to work together hand in hand to offer you unique, quality & made in France accessories.

To own a unique piece

Because we manufacture according to the scrap, the material we have, we can only produce one piece or a very small series, available in different sizes. No more. The models are handcrafted with different leathers (soft, smooth or rigid), in different colors and with their own particularities. The principle of upcycling to read here.

We advocate exclusivity through upgrading.