A human, sporting and humanitarian adventure: MOHOLESS was one of the sponsors of the ENERGISE team during the 4L TROPHY event which took place from May 5 to 15, 2022. An obvious collaboration, under the sign of craftsmanship and made in France. This project undertaken by Emma & Sarah, two young Parisians started from Biarritz to the Moroccan desert. A great initiative to help the poorest children in Morocco. We tell you everything!

4 L Trophy Presentation

Created in 1997, the 4L Trophy is the largest European sporting event with a humanitarian vocation. Combining humanitarian aid, sportsmanship and solidarity, it is reserved for 18 and 28 year olds from all over Europe. It is aboard the mythical Renault 4L that the crews (composed of 2 people) will have to cover more than 6500 km.

the 4L Trophy is the biggest sporting event (…) Combining humanitarian aid, sportsmanship and solidarity.


Human values

Solidarity, adventure, team spirit, achievement are human values in which Moholess is, believes and wishes to support. It is only natural that this year, we had the chance to contribute, with other sponsors, to the adventure of the Energise 4L trophy. Emma & Sarah’s team name: funny and bubbly adventurers who never stopped sharing their enthusiasm, their good energy and their determination throughout this great adventure.

Created in 2005 by Laetitia & Emmanuel Chevallier. The main objective of the association is to provide access to education, school and health for children in southern Morocco. The association has been an official associative partner of the 4L Trophy since 2005.

A positif impact

By supporting these two associations: “Les enfants du désert” ( en : Children of the desert ) and ” La croix rouge française” This orienteering race aims to deliver 50 kg of medicines, school and sports supplies to the poorest children in Morocco. Support for schooling in the southern Moroccan region and action in favor of the French Red Cross are the two solidarity hats that the Trophies proudly wear by participating in the 4L Trophy.

Emma, Sarah.. and SAVANAH

Savanah is the name given to their fabulous Renault 4L.

And not only, because the year 2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the 4L (initially Renault 4) this emblematic car of the 60s was the symbol of its generation: a popular, simple and practical car. This year again, the 4L TROPHY puts it in the spotlight during its solidarity rally.


At Moholess, we support great initiatives and entrepreneurs.

We have great admiration for Emma & Sarah, who were true entrepreneurs by leading their project from A to Z, without ever giving up. And those, despite the unexpected encounter during their adventure. A great proof of courage and determination!

You can give all your support, live their adventure or just say hello to them on their IG account @energise.4ltrophy