The topte M bag is a vertical tote bag in upcycled leather. Its shape is closely reminiscent of that of a top, hence its name “topte”. It comes in three sizes: small, medium and large


A creative design with a minimal style, the toptem bag has been thought of as a practical accessory for everyday life. Its elegant shape allows a versatile carry.

The bags of the Moholess selection are all made from quality leather scraps with particularities that are revalued to make functional tote bags, unique in a timeless style.

Its clean and unique style pairs perfectly with any outfit. Its assembly by hand with natural glazed linen thread is a guarantee of durability over time.

Toptem small - cuivre
Toptem large - kaki

Spotted toptem bag

Ideal little companion on the go, the Toptem S can be carried in the hand, on the arm or on the shoulder by adding a removable shoulder strap for a strong & elegant look.

Jetting off into new horizons with the large toptem, a model that is also suitable for men.

Flex toptem

The flex toptem is a vertical shopping bag with a soft and flexible structure. Carried by hand, on the shoulder or by hand, its versatile use offers comfort in all circumstances. Discover the first collection entitled “POP FALL” which uses color codes inspired by the Indian summer. Warm brown, chestnut, fir green with orange and yellow. Bright and autumnal colors that bring a touch of pep to your looks.


A flexible tote bag that allows versatile use.